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Why should taxpayers foot bill?

B. Anderson


This is a response to the article on the front page of The Record-Courier on Sept. 12. I have a question for Rob Anderson. Mr Anderson, why do you think that the taxpayers of Douglas County should help pay for a bridge over the Martin Slough?

We are not going to use this road or benefit from it. As far as I am concerned the residents in Douglas County never wanted this development, so why should we pay for a bridge that has no benefit to us?

Douglas County officials need to stop bending over backwards for the developers. The developer needs to pay for this and then put the cost into the units he is going to build. I am sure that is the way it has been done in the past.

Everyone is always willing to put the burden on the Taxpayer. The majority of taxpayers in Douglas County are retired people on a fixed income.

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