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Why run for assembly?


I often wonder what motivates a person to run for a seat in the Nevada State Assembly. It certainly isn't the money because legislators in Nevada receive remuneration only while the legislature is in session.

It's even more interesting when a citizen is willing to return to that position. So I ask again, what motivates a citizen to seek public office.

I suggest that it must be a driving sense of duty and service to the people of Nevada; a motivation to achieve the goal of making the American Dream possible for the people of Nevada, and to preserve for Nevadans the freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution. One such citizen is Jim Wheeler.

He represents the citizens of Douglas, Storey, and parts of Lyon counties. His voting record proves that he fulfilled his campaign promises to not vote for tax increases, reduce the size of government and regulations, and to improve the state of our educational system. He promised to vote against any infringement on our constitutional rights. He fulfilled his promise to respect the views of the constituents regardless of party affiliation.

As a conservative Republican, Jim represents the most conservative district in Nevada. His performance evaluation is exemplary as evidenced by the #1 rating he received from the American Conservative Union and as the No. 1 Northern Nevada Legislator by the Nevada Policy Research Institute. Additionally, Citizens Outreach also rated him No. 1 legislator. And more recently Jim Wheeler was endorsed in the primary race by the Nevada State Republican Party.

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But even with this proven conservative record, Jim Wheeler is being challenged by someone with no legislative record and whose experience is narrowly limited to 25-plus years as a government bureaucrat.

The last I heard, the AD39 race is a partisan race but the challenger appears embarrassed to be a Republican as her campaign signs painting the valley floor don't identify her as such. The choice is clear: 25-year bureaucrat politician or seasoned statesman? I say send the statesman back to Carson City. Re-elect Jim Wheeler.

Walt Nowosad


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