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Why not support Wheeler?

Shawn Meehan


This is a response to Mrs. Corley’s Oct. 10 letter. This was intended to be a question at the candidate’s forum the Record Courier is co-sponsoring. Why would Mrs. Corley ask such a question since she attended the same Republican precinct Caucus as Mr. Wheeler where they both supported Newt Gingrich (not Ron Paul), who ultimately won that precinct?

Once Gov. Romney won the nomination, Mr. Wheeler voluntarily removed some of his campaign signs and yielded locations to the Romney campaign, using some of his personal, non-campaign funds, to print Romney signs when the campaign ran out. Mr. Wheeler’s positions have been made abundantly clear. It is his fresh thinking and clear articulation of Conservative values that won him the primary over an entrenched incumbent assemblyman with much greater financing.

The Corleys seem to be supporters of Mr. Wheeler’s former opponent, having held a private campaign event for him at their ranch. I would hate to think that this question was a cheap attempt to attack Mr. Wheeler for beating Mr. Kite. Tradition dictates that good Republicans get behind the candidate democratically nominated by their party.

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