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Why I support Sheriff Ron Pierini


For the purpose of full disclosure, I have been with the Douglas County Sheriff's Office since 1990. Some might say that makes me biased, but I would argue that it makes me a subject-matter expert.

Whenever people ask me who I support for sheriff of Douglas County, I tell them there are three primary reasons why I support Sheriff Pierini

1) Visionary Leadership – Sheriff Pierini has done an exceptional job of steering the sheriff's office into the 21st Century. During his tenure, Sheriff Pierini has expanded the number of deputies in patrol and in the jail, and created the Street Enforcement Team and Gang Unit. Sheriff Pierini established a robust network of citizen-volunteers who supplement paid staff and help the Sheriff's Office maintain a high level of public service during difficult economic times. Sheriff Pierini implemented a new agency-wide, integrated public safety software system and in-car computers that have greatly enhanced both operational efficiency and effectiveness. Sheriff Pierini also maintains what is arguably the cleanest, most professional jail in the state, and the only jail in the state that is nationally accredited. Sheriff Pierini is a proven leader.

2) A Tradition of Service — Sheriff Pierini has a heart for service, and he instills this in his employees. To this end, Sheriff Pierini insists on only hiring the best men and women to serve the people of Douglas County. Sheriff Pierini has long maintained close ties with the people of Douglas County; he is one of them, and he listens and responds to their concerns. Sheriff Pierini has earned the public's trust, and he works hard to maintain it.

3) Compassion — Finally, Sheriff Pierini is simply a good man. I have seen firsthand his genuine care and concern for his employees, their families, and the people of this community.

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It is an honor to work for Sheriff Ron Pierini, and I am proud to support his bid for re-election.

John Milby

Carson City

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