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Wheeler kept his promises


Thoughtful voters contemplating the primary campaign for Assembly District 39 could benefit from a little perspective.

Jim Wheeler ran for the Assembly in 2012 because the then incumbent "Republican" voted for a fat tax increase that feathered the nests of Las Vegas lobbyists representing government contractor clients. That tax hike killed jobs and damaged Nevada's economic prosperity. Candidate Wheeler promised, in writing, to oppose raising taxes. Assemblyman Wheeler has earned performance-based No. 1 ratings from the American Conservative Union, Nevada Policy Research Institute, and Citizens Outreach based on his voting record, but his behind-the-scenes work to cut the size of government also deserves recognition.

For the first time in Nevada history, a gun control bill passed the Nevada legislature, last term. Assemblyman Wheeler fought against that bill and helped craft Governor Sandoval's veto message that killed it. The NRA and Nevada Firearms Coalition have both given him an "A" rating.

The citizens of Assembly District 39 are well represented and enjoying better governance today because Jim Wheeler kept his promises.

Marshall Goldy

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