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Wheeler is the true conservative


The political season is now in full season and I look forward to the Letters To The Editor every Wednesday and Friday.

I have been intrigued by the letters from the supporters of Jim Wheeler's opponent as they wax on about her knowledge of the community; her strong conservative values; her can do attitude; her thinking outside the box; her extensive experience in business, government and politics;

her effectiveness as a problem-solver and negotiator and the claim she is a "visionary" who is uniquely qualified to be a leader in the Assembly without providing any specifics.

I went to her website hoping to find specific examples to these claims but only found examples of her background as a career bureaucrat. There was no "meat on the bones".

Today's political environment is significantly different than it was when she started her career as a bureaucratic. In those days, politicians from both sides of the aisle could debate and work together. Today, this is not the case at either the state or federal level.

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One writer claimed to be proud of Jim Wheeler's opponent " when she resisted being trapped into signing the "No Tax Pledge". She is too smart to allow herself to be excluded from the negotiation process by doing so".

No taxes/low taxes are a core Conservative value and anyone who claims to be a "Conservative" and compromises that core value calls into question what it is they actually stand for, and is not worthy of my vote.

In a September 2013 Forbes articles that listed the most business friendly states, Nevada was ranked 36th out of the 50 states. Business Regulations and Taxes were significant contributors to this. If we want this ranking to improve, we need to re-elect Jim Wheeler not his opponent who was TOO SMART to be trapped into signing the "No Tax Pledge".

Another often heard sentiment concerns the notion that Jim Wheeler is too rigid. Why is it perceived that saying "no" is bad? As individuals, parents, grandparents and business people, we have all had to say "no" to actions that were believed to not be in the best interest

of an individual or group. So, I am very happy Jim Wheeler says "no" to more taxes, no to more business regulations and no to more regulation of my individual freedoms, and I am looking forward to Jim Wheeler being re-elected as my representative in State Assembly District 39.

Joe Ruisi


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