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What postcard?

Gail Bonesteel


I am just letting as many people as I can know that many people are not getting their postcards from the DMV to remind them that their car registration is coming due. The DMV told me that it is just a “courtesy card.” I depended on them to remind me. Not any more.

I thought it was just me that didn’t get a card until I went to the DMV to pay my registration. There at the DMV and then at the UPS store and even at the Reno Municipal Court to pay the citation I received for expired registration, I learned many did not get their “courtesy” reminder cards in the mail.

I just want to remind everyone to check your registration due date and write in on your calendars or whatever you may need to do because speaking from experience, you may or may not get a “courtesy” card in the mail and it will cost you, it sure cost me.

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