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We need greater compassion


Once again, we are bombarded by Mr. Barwig's emotional distaste for liberalism and socialism. Along with these designations you might as well throw in Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, health with unemployment insurance and a government desiring to help its people. In Mr. Barwig's words, "the people of today just think they are free, while in reality, they have no desire to be free." So, if we accept any government run programs we are not free. Mr. Barwig's comments make me feel we are a dumbed, down society living in North Korea.

I suppose that those cut off from unemployment insurance are only concerned with freedom and picking themselves up by their own bootstraps. As Mr. Barwig and his right wingers think, these are lazy loafers living off the government dole and incapable of providing for themselves. In reality, these are people wanting and needing jobs, who make daily decisions as to eat or keep a roof over their heads.

The truth is that there aren't enough jobs to go around for all those in need of work. These dire circumstances are lost on right-wing, people like Mr. Barwig. Perhaps by starving they can maintain their freedom with the government looking the other way.

On another of Mr. Barwig's angry issues, I can somewhat agree. It is that two administrations have propelled us into three unjustified wars, namely L.B.J. in Vietnam, and G.W. Bush in Iraq and Afghanistan. According to Mr. Barwig's beliefs, had they followed the rule book (the Constitution), Americans who had died defending our way of life, gave their lives for nothing.

While I agree that many of our brave soldiers were unnecessarily put into harm's way for nothing, Mr. B's definition of freedom and the Constitution had little or nothing to do with it. Times change, and we are not looking at, nor living completely by a Constitution written some 200 years ago. The Constitution will always be a living, breathing document subject to changing interpretations, based on the times we live in. It is not a 200-year-old document written in stone. Bad decisions creating unjustified wars are the fault of poor leaders making poor judgments.

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Once again, Mr. Barwig's emotionalism on the issues of our times need to be tempered by the needs for a greater compassion for all.

Harold Zaroff


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