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We built our business

Charles Evans


Mr. President – we have a business and we did build it. Our business has come about as the product of our own hopes, our own sweat, our own vision and our own money. We have had failures in our business over the years because we failed to respond to our customers in a way that was needed – and we have overcome those failures by re-assessing our business plan – in some cases abandoning an unproductive path and realigning our direction to accommodate changing tastes in our market.

Our business began because we saw unmet commercial needs in our area, and we hazarded our own money in our own venture to meet those needs and serve people who were either not served or were underserved. Customers were attracted to us because we answered those needs. When we have faced competition because other businesses also came to meet the needs of the expanding market, we responded with either trimming practices that were too costly, or in some cases, pruning off completely branches of our operation at which our competitors were more successful.

Our business has served as the threshold for young people who were starting out in their own lives. These young people came to us with book knowledge or simple skills, and were taught how to turn head knowledge into practical knowledge interacting with real customers to which they owed their livelihood. These young people were taught the practical sides of courtesy, honesty and respect for others; ideals they had been taught were important but in which they had very little practical experience. These young people learned the importance of treating our customers with courtesy and respect because customers that chose our business were free to choose other businesses to meet their needs.

Your comment in July that: “If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.” (http://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2012/07/13/remarks-president-campaign-event-roanoke-virginia), is a slap to the face of America and could only come from someone who has kept himself totally removed from the economic mainspring of this nation.

In fact Mr. President, the only entity that has continually worked in opposition to our growth as a business has been our own government, local, state and federal; through taxes, regulations, restrictions and subsidies to competitors – competitors who chose to spend their money on lobbying efforts to persuade government to pass laws that were favorable to them, rather than to openly compete face to face with customers in the free market arena.

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So Mr. President – from those who have relied on their own pluck, perseverance and resources to supply the needs of their countrymen – we and millions of small businesses like us, did build that, and will continue to do so as long as America remains based on the idea that government is servant – not master of its people. It is the American people, Mr. President, to which the government belongs; not the government to which the people belong, as your party believes.

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