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Water is our lifeblood


In The R-C Opinion section Jan. 4 titled “Water grab bad news for north” couldn’t be more right. Unfortunately, it’s too late for the Carson Valley. A pipeline has already been laid from the Carson Valley to Carson City. They will be pumping millions of gallons of our water to benefit Carson City. What difference does it make if the water goes to Carson City or Las Vegas. It is depleting our water table. As far as I know the only one getting any benefit from this is the town of Minden.

What about the rest of this Valley. The millions of dollars that are being made from the sale of this water is being used for what? Of all the articles I read when this pipeline was being laid I don’t recall a single word saying what the money was going to be used for, except to lay the pipeline. Will this money benefit all of the Carson Valley or just the Minden Town Board? As the demand for water is needed for Carson, they will get it at our expense. This water belongs to all of us and all of us should have had a say as to whether it should be sold.

Water is the life blood of any area in Nevada. Without it this Valley will die.

R. Bordelon


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