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Watching the stars

Chris Johnson


I would like to take an opportunity to send out a thank-you, and also an invite.

When I lived in Reno I was a member and the president of the Astronomical Society of Nevada. We provided astronomy education and outreach to the community. When I moved to Douglas County, I resigned as president as it was too far for me to be effective.

I have since then met a number of astronomers here, and we have officially started the Astronomical Society of Nevada – Douglas Annex. We are members of the ASN in Reno, with a focus on programs for Douglas County. We did our first star party last month and had around 30 visitors come out and take a look through our telescopes. It was a great turnout for our first event, and really showed us that the community is interested.

The ASN is partnering with the Nature Conservancy to provide a great astronomy program for Douglas County. I would like to thank Duane Petite with the Nature Conservancy for sharing the Conservancy center with us.

I would like to also thank Frank Davis, a Douglas County resident and member of the ASN, for his donated time. We are off to a great start.

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And last, I would like to invite all of our community out to take a look at the night sky with us. We will have telescopes setup with astronomers ready to take you on a tour of our night sky. Last month we looked at Jupiter, some star clusters, and a couple of nebulae. This month we will be looking at Jupiter again, and the Orion Nebula, as well as some other neat objects. The star parties are free to everybody, and everybody is welcome!

Our next star party is on Dec. 28 and starts at 6:30 pm. We will be doing monthly star parties on the fourth Friday of each month.

We look forward to providing astronomy programs for the community, and introducing our friends and neighbors to our universe.

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