Watch out for Bowles St. dogs |

Watch out for Bowles St. dogs

Gardnerville Ranchos


On July 21, I took my Chihuahua for his daily walk which he so loved. I was walking on Bowles Street in the Ranchos as I have done hundreds of times when this big English Bulldog who was not on a leash ran across the street and took my Chihuahua in his mouth and began shaking him viciously like a rag doll. As I began beating on this dog to release my dog, I looked down at my feet to see a second English Bulldog. I was scared! Needless to say, I had to put my dog down due to broken ribs, numerous puncture wounds to his kidney and lacerations. I cannot even explain the pain and trauma I am still experiencing due to this attack. The screaming of my dog, the screaming I did, and the blood everywhere is still with me and will be for some time.

I contacted Animal Services and they told me I could fill out a report if I wanted to but that they would not do anything since this was the attacking dog’s first offense. I find this hard to believe that Animal Services would not pay a visit to the dog’s owner to find out why these two dogs were “on the loose, unrestrained, and running free” when, in fact, one of them just viciously attacked and basically killed my dog, who by the way was on a leash.

I am writing this letter to warn anyone who might walk their dog down Bowles Street to please go another way. I can’t imagine what this viscous attack would do to a child’s mind who would be walking their dog on this street. I am asking anyone reading this letter to warn your neighbors, friends, etc.

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