Voting for Penzel |

Voting for Penzel

Bill Broquist
Carson Valley


I’m voting for Barry Penzel. I have listened to Barry and his District 5 opponent in public forms and in private one-on-one conversations. As a Douglas County resident concerned with current and future Carson Valley problems, I believe Barry is clearly the better choice for county commissioner.

He has the schooling, training and demonstrated business skills to deal with the large and complex problems that face this county. His personal integrity and independent approach to making decisions on behalf of his constituents will be a refreshing change. As a candidate he has already shown an understanding of current county funding/budget issues. He will provide leadership that will not be held hostage to the special interest groups that seem to be controlling county money agendas way too often.

His opponent has a checkered history of involvement to replace/remove citizen appointees that didn’t follow a certain political agenda. Mr. Penzel does not receive a majority of his campaign funding from valley/lake developers. I believe the choice is easy. Vote for the person who will best look out for the “little guy” here in Douglas County.

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