Vote no on Question 1 |

Vote no on Question 1

Vicki Hargrove


Please examine Question 1 on the 2012 ballot closely. This is the question that asks voters to approve a Nevada Constitution amendment to allow the Legislature to convene a special session outside their regular 120 day session.

Yes, the special session is limited to 20 calendar days, but, there is no limit to the number of special sessions that could be convened. Yes, the amendment specifies “extraordinary occasions,” but, such circumstances includes not only matters of impeachment but allows the Legislature to reconsider bills vetoed by the Governor.

Yes, this bill requires a petition to be signed by two-thirds of the Legislature, but, two-thirds of the Senators represent Clark County alone and more than two-thirds of the Assembly represent Clark County. Northern and rural Nevada could be completely outnumbered.

Just because “other states” can call special sessions is no reason for Nevada to do so. We don’t need more legislative sessions with more laws passed. The last time this proposal was on the ballot it failed. I urge you once again to vote no on Question 1.

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