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Vote against pool district incumbents

Michael Hardie


To voters in the East Fork Swimming Pool District, seven candidates are running for three four-year terms on the board of the East Fork Swimming Pool District. Two of those candidates have been on the board for a number of years. It is time for the voters to elect new board members so the East Fork Swimming Pool District can be managed in a fiscally prudent manner. Mr. Gordon Gray has been on the board since January 2003. Mr. Davis Nishikida has been on the board since January 2005. The tax rate was raised by the board in 2006 from 8.5 cents to 16.45 cents. Now the district has a surplus in excess of three million dollars. Some board members want to acquire land south of the current facility for possible construction of a 50-meter swimming pool when there is already such a facility in Carson City serving the needs of competitive swimming. Since the current facility has several pools, their use by the community does not warrant an additional pool. There are also plans to build a spa at the current facility. Such grandiose plans are not responsible in tight times.

I have swum at the pool since I moved to Douglas County in 2000. I have lived in Carson City, Sparks and Incline Village prior to my last move and have swum in those facilities. The current facility located in Minden has the best staff and is the best run. In 2010-201, the board was responsible for increasing staff costs by a little less than $100,000 with no noticeable change in the day-to-day operation. More expensive aquatic specialists have been mandated by the board to be on the decks of the facility to supervise lifeguards who are well-trained to handle emergencies. While the number of people using the facility has remained static, the board has increased the expense of staffing with little change from past years.

I urge my fellow voters to vote for three of the remaining five candidates who are not incumbents so that the new board can chart a more fiscally conservative approach.

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