Valley not immune from crime |

Valley not immune from crime

We believe that someone is innocent until the state has proven them guilty, and so we generally avoid commenting on a criminal case before it has been fully adjudicated.But last week’s announcement of the arrest of a Carson City couple in connection with massive thievery, a crime for which they had previously been convicted, calls for comment.It has been about 20 months since Jeira Polanco, 24, and Timothy Sparacino, 27, were convicted on multiple counts of possession of stolen property. We can’t say for certain that they spent the interim continuing to ply their trade in burglarizing homes and pawning the loot, but the results of a parole and probation search of their apartment certainly seems to support that theory.If they’d limited their predation to Carson City, we wouldn’t be writing about it, but they allegedly came into Minden homes and took items here.We wish we could say our Carson Valley community was immune from this sort of thing, but it’s not a particularly long drive from Carson or even Reno.The best advice is to lock your doors, and to keep a good list of your things, so should someone violate the security of your home to take them, law enforcement can at least trace them back to you, and perhaps make a case against the perpetrator.

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