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Turning left onto 395 a scary prospect

We’ve had a serious accident a month over the last three months at the intersection of Airport Road and Highway 395.

If those three accidents at the intersection were all different, then we could say chalk it up to driver inattention and move on.

But they all three were virtually identical. One car is crossing Highway 395 and gets hit from the side by a northbound vehicle.

While we don’t have the witness statements from each accident, it’s fair to say that in most cases the driver pulling out from Airport Road didn’t see the oncoming car.

The summer before last when we were having a fatal accident nearly every week, NHP troopers demonstrated how people can fail to see an oncoming vehicle because another vehicle is in the right turn lane.

Motorists have a long line of sight where Genoa Lane meets Highway 395, but at Airport Road, a driver practically has to be sitting at the intersection before they can see oncoming traffic.

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More than one Carson Valley resident has called for a ban on left turns at Airport Road, and barring a traffic signal, that seems to be the quickest answer to accidents at this intersection.

Banning left turns onto Highway 395 or installing a traffic light, doesn’t absolve motorists of the duty to operate their vehicles in a safe manner.

But, even good drivers can make a mistake. We’d just like to give them a chance to live and learn.

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