Tribute to a longtime Valley fixture |

Tribute to a longtime Valley fixture

Editor’s Note: Carson Valley residents wrote these tributes to Buffo Electric’s Dave Buffo, who died in July. The Record-Courier published

As I wrote today’s date on my letter addressed to you, I realized it has been seven months since a valued member of our Valley passed away.My husband, Dave Buffo, made living in harmony with his fellow man a high priority. He was not proud or puffed up and was willing to work with or befriend most. He was rarely quarrelsome and mostly kind to everyone. He was able to teach, never making the learner resentful. He taught his sons to be all they could be, not what he wanted them to be. He was able to live in unity with his fellow man. He searched for peace and actually was sought after by his church and family for his peacemaking skills.It is with great humility I present these 12 letters to The Record-Courier. I limited them to 12, but am concerned I may have omitted someone who may have wished to share a few of their thoughts about Dave.I am hopeful, if any in the community have a word to share about Dave Buffo, that they would submit them to The Record-Courier.Our family treasured him and these letters hold great meaning to us.Elaine BuffoGardnervilleI first met Dave when I was 21. We had a working/friendship relationship for over 30 years. I admired him and the way he was with his wife and his sons. I had his sons in my youth group. I grew up with them, since I was really only a few years older than they were when I took over as youth group pastor. Dave led me and his sons by example and showed us how to grow in the Lord. Dave Buffo was a man of integrity, a man of nobility, a man of God. I wish there were more men like him in the United States. Our country would be different.Barry SimpsonGardnervilleTwo words can describe this man, commitment and integrity. Having the opportunity to work with Dave on many projects in Carson Valley, it was very obvious of his commitment to his work. With Elaine, his wife, in the office and Lou at his side, the field of electricity was well taken care of. Dave loved his customers above all. He answered his phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and always had the answer to my questions. Dave’s attention to detail impressed me job after job and he never turned a job down.On behalf of customers served, V & C Construction, Herback General Engineering, ROA Engineering, M.G.S.D., Town of Gardnerville Water, Town of Minden Water, Douglas County Utilities, Douglas Disposal, Bently Agrowdynamics, High Sierra Fellowship, and all not mentioned, thank you for your integrity! You will be missed.Michael MayThe May RanchGardnervilleWorking for the Town of Minden gave me the opportunity to know Dave Buffo. His knowledge and expertise was invaluable when it came to solving motor and control problems with our water system equipment. He was our “go to” guy, a great asset to our operation, and my friend.Greg HillTown of Minden Public Works SuperintendentDave Buffo was a very private, humble and quiet person, to the extent that when Dave spoke, everyone listened carefully to the wisdom that he shared. That wisdom was typically simple and was rooted in God’s word. Dave had lots of compassion for anyone who could not participate equally in whatever was going on. He made sure that whatever physical problems might be inhibiting anyone from fully participating in an outing or event, he would carefully watch how he could be there to help make that person feel comfortable and included with dignity and respect despite what were often adverse circumstances. I was often the recipient of that kindness and inclusiveness.Peter AxelsonDisabled Veteran USAFBeneficial DesignsMindenDave Buffo was living proof of how fine a person can be. Albert Einstein said, “The value of a man should be seen in what he gives and not in what he is able to receive.” In one word, Dave was a man who gave. A beautiful person with such a gentle demeanor who was not only cheerful in himself but who gave much cheerfulness to others. I will always remember the passion he expressed for cooking when he would join Yves the executive chef in the kitchen. I was honored to call him my friend and be a part of his life.Gilles LagourgueLa Ferme RestaurantGenoaI have known Dave Buffo, a Carson Valley electrical contractor for many years. We met 15 years ago and from that very first job that Dave did for us at Calvary Chapel, I knew he was a man of rare integrity, honesty, and was a very dependable man that we could always count on. I knew it was a given that when we hired Dave to do work for us, he would do an excellent job, from preparing to do the project to all the details in-between. He was always very concerned with getting everything just right and correctly the first time around.As I’ve gotten to know Dave a lot better during the past 5 years through High Sierra Fellowship, it would amaze me at how giving he was of his time to anyone who needed it.I fell honored and blessed to have known Dave Buffo, not only in the workplace, but also on a personal level as well, and can honestly say I’ve never met a nicer man. He is truly missed not only by my family, but by many others as well.Glen RadtkeDouglas County Maintenance Specialist 3MindenIn 2012 the Carson Valley lost one of our longtime small business owners, Dave Buffo, owner of Buffo Electric. Dave was a supporter of our community, an elder in his local church and my best friend for more than 40 years. Dave moved to the Carson Valley from South Lake Tahoe in 1976 and has been an outstanding member of our community ever since. Dave and Elaine raised their 3 boys here in the Valley where they were very active in youth, and later DHS sports.Dave was known for being an honest hard working man with an honest business ethic. Dave loved God, his wife and his family, life, and our community. Dave was the type of man who took the time to invest in others. He helped many people with his charitable heart as well as teaching marriage classes at church.Dave and I experienced life together from our teens to raising our children together. He was not only a good friend but the one who was there when I needed a hand or an ear. We enjoyed hunting, camping, vacations and watching the Giants and 49er games together.Life will not be the same without Dave Buffo. He was the one I’d call when our team did well and he was there when life tossed curve balls. For us who knew Dave well, there is a huge void in our lives that will not be filled until we are with him in Glory.Pastor Rich LammayHigh Sierra FellowshipMindenDave Buffo was a one-of-a-kind family man and good friend who is missed by many in our community. I have known Dave since I was a teenager, and during that time I can truly say that observing Dave’s example of living a humble, Christ-centered life made me into the man I am today.As a friend, Dave was always so easy to talk to. Whether it was sharing his knowledge of electric circuits or how the Giants were playing, Dave took the time to have genuine conversation with anyone about anything, important or not. My family and I will never forget the campfire songs, the licorice tradition, and fireworks over Lake Tahoe. Sharing his love of the outdoors with us is a gift we will always cherish.Beyond friendship, Dave was also a mentor. The manner in which Dave lived his life impressed upon me what it means to be a real man. It was evident that Dave’s family was his treasure. The example he set as a loving husband and a father who provided for his children is the standard which I only strive to meet. His honest and diligent work ethic was well-known by all. These lessons will remain with me for the rest of my life.Moreover, Dave was a selfless servant of Christ. Through teaching young couples about making marriage work, Dave’s love for helping people was exemplified. I have personally benefited from his wisdom and knowledge. Additionally, Dave would lead men from the church to a men’s retreat from time to time. On one particular trip, Dave assisted one of the men who was disabled and needed nearly around the clock care, giving up his own time during that weekend. This selfless act resounded clearly in my life, and inspired me to let God’s love shine through my life.My friend, my mentor, my brother-in-Christ, it is hard to put into words what an impact Dave had on my life, and I never took the opportunity to express that to him in person. So I share this today with the hope that Dave’s memory will live on in the lives of the many who benefited from knowing him.Bill HarveyGardnervilleHaving provided services to Minden Gardnerville Sanitation District (MGSD) for nearly 30 years, there was not a breaker, conduit, any wiring, or anything electrically related that Dave could not locate or repair. I would, on many occasions, simply call him and ask “Hey Dave, where is that breaker for that pump station located again?” Anything I needed answered Dave would reach back into his memory and seem to pull it out of nowhere. What he didn’t remember, he certainly knew where to find it. It is that institutional memory, among his many, many other attributes that is greatly missed.Frank T. JohnsonDistrict Manager MGSDThank you for the opportunity to share my thoughts on my association with Dave. As Operations Manager of Douglas Disposal I was very privileged to work with Dave for so many years. Operating the many different facets of Douglas Disposals operations is a difficult task. The continuous operation of machinery and buildings often had me calling of Dave’s help at a moment’s notice. I could always rely on his services night or day knowing that he would not only solve our issues but complete every job with professionalism. On many different occasions we worked side by side for hours and his positive nature about his family, his workers, and truly enjoying what he did was always an inspiration. With Dave’s passing it has been a challenge to keep the same standard I had been so accustomed to. One thing that knowing Dave has taught me is how things can and should be done. If I had one thing to say about Dave Buffo, it would clearly be his good character. I know that I am a much better person professionally and to my friends and family through knowing Dave.Don WilliamsDouglas Disposal Operations ManagerMindenI knew Dave Buffo for over 25 years. Dave was a very talented, kind, and special person who helped me with many electrical challenges that I faced on the many projects that I have worked on in the Carson Valley.Dave was always ready to tackle any job that I had, both big and small. He was our “Go-To Guy” at the Gardnerville Water Company and completed electrical work on all of our facilities including booster pump station, 7 municipal wells, and 2 offices. We knew that we could depend on Dave for any minor or major repair or project that we had.Dave was a man of honesty and integrity and his word was his bond. I miss Dave, but I know that God now has him as His “Go-To Guy.”Mark GonzalesGardnerville Town WaterGardnerville

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