Town Hall meeting in Sunridge |

Town Hall meeting in Sunridge

Teri A. Cotham


As the saying goes, “information is power.” I believe it is more important for the citizenry to be informed about the activities of the elected, than the other way around. Additionally, I believe it is more important for the citizens to inform the elected about what is important in the community than the elected to tell the citizens what is important.

Last week, I attended a Town Hall meeting at the Fish Springs Fire House put on by Barry Penzel, Carl Schnock and Jim Wheeler. The meeting was very informative – for both sides. I understand that these three candidates have put on several of these meetings in the past and plan to continue them regularly, once elected. It was very interesting to hear about the issues other citizens deemed important and comparing those to the priority list being presented by our current office-holders. There is a glaring difference.

I encourage all Douglas County citizens to look for and attend these meetings so you too, can inform as well as be informed. There will be a meeting 6:30 p.m. Thursday at the Sheridan Fire Station at 3620 N. Sunridge Drive in Minden.

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