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Time to go back to work

Jack Van Dien


It is time for Washington to get back to work. Now that the president, the Senate, and the House of Representatives have all been sworn in for their new terms in office, it is time for the celebrations to end and the focus to shift to solving America’s debt problem.

In 2008 the president promised to cut the deficit in half by the end of his first term. In 2010, the newly elected House majority vowed to cut $100 billion in real spending. And it has been over 1,360 days since the Senate passed a budget. Americans should be outraged by these failures.

Each second that goes by, Washington borrows $40,000 or more to help finance its overspending. That’s right, $40,000 per second – and that is just how much they borrow. That could pay for a four year education at some state universities. Americans are tired of fiscal cliffs and critical deadlines.

We call on Members of Congress to hold town hall meetings ASAP when in town so the American people can make their voices heard. A recent Rasmussen poll showed that 62 percent of Americans want to see spending cuts across the board. The American people deserve to be a part of this conversation. We encourage everyone to call your representatives and tell them to get back to work. And they can start by having a town hall the week of Jan. 28. Congress and the president have no more important work to do.

Without serious cuts to spending, international lenders will stop buying U.S. debt, forcing exploding interest rates or hyperinflation or both, and risking collapse of banks and companies delivering the essentials of life to us.

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