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Time to close those budgets

As of Tuesday morning the Nevada Legislature's 77th session was finished for the time being.

After sorting through 1,250 bill drafts which became 522 assembly bills and 530 senate bills, and a handful of resolutions, both concurrent and joint, finally bringing the Legislature to a close is an achievement by itself.

What results the session achieved will come to light over the rest of the summer, as Legislative staff members, local governments and organizations make their way through the smoke and rubble to see what new laws were enacted.

We've often said that the way the Legislature conducts business is backwards. We believe that the important work that comes with the power of the pursestrings should be completed first, so people know what's coming ahead of time.

We know that the source of information on the state's revenue, the Economic Forum, doesn't complete its business until May 1.

But we also know that date is an artificial one, set by the state.

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Technically, the May 15 deadline set for the local governments to complete their final budgets is also one set by the state.

We believe that for the lawmakers' sake, and for the sake of everyone else's sanity that one of those two dates should move, and maybe both of them.

We recognize the value of waiting until the last minute to make the revenue estimates, but they are estimates.

Meanwhile, those agencies most tied to the state budget remain on pins and needles waiting for that last moment deal that will determine the future of their employees.

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