Thinking about guns in a box |

Thinking about guns in a box


We all want the live our lives in the pursuit of happiness and we know that individual responsibility makes the joy of that life just that much better. So let’s not get crazy reinventing a wheel, the solution to responsible gun ownership is already done and works pretty well.-

The gun is a machine and the shooter is nothing but an operator of that machine. This whole question was addressed by how we operate our cars and trucks and the responsibility that comes with it.- In owning a vehicle you enter a social contract to exercise your very best to avoid injuring me or damaging my or public property. We take tests, prove our physical capacity, await a time when we are considered mature enough to operate the vehicle, provide all sorts of insurance coverage in case of our inflicting injury, death or damage on others. We submit to the laws that if we are impaired by drugs, drinking, physical or mental conditions that the right to operate a car is revoked. The automobile, its fuel and maintenance, generate all sorts of fees and taxes that have paid for traffic lights traffic controls, roadways bridges and their maintenance and safety features for us and the public in general. Over time we and the automobile itself have paid for a lot of the problems it causes.-

Let start dealing with guns the same way. Prove you are a capable operator, get a license and a title, get insurance, be responsible for yourself. And let’s start working on the problems shooting guns can cause. Guns need to pay their own way. If the NRA needs a role, let them become a insurance company for guns and gun operators. They know the business.

Jim Woods


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