The joy of giving |

The joy of giving

Over the next few days Carson Valley residents will roll up their sleeves to help those who are less fortunate.

Today the Share Your Holiday Food Drive will see thousands of pounds of food and dollars donated to the Carson Valley Community Food Closet.

No one would mind if there was a decrease in demand at the food closet, but that doesn’t seem to be happening.

The proceeds from today’s 12 hours will hopefully help feed the hungry in the Valley for the next 10 months.

On Saturday, Project Santa Claus begins to wrap all the gifts they’ve collected of the past few months to bring some holiday cheer to more than 800 children.

While we know that pride goeth before the fall, the response from Valley residents to these and other charities makes our chests swell and our hearts sing.

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We know that if you divided the donations received by these charities by the population of Carson Valley, you would find that we are the givingest community in Western Nevada.

Perhaps it’s part of living someplace where people still know their neighbors. Or maybe it’s just a little old-fashioned charity.

Whatever the reason, here’s to Carson Valley’s penchant for giving with both hands.

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