Thanks to firefighters for their hard work |

Thanks to firefighters for their hard work

There is no doubt that when it comes to an emergency, we’re happy to see the cavalry coming.

Firefighters from all over the Sierra Front, from all levels of government, converged on Topaz Ranch Estates to help fight a dangerous wildfire driven by high winds through thick sage and brush.

While a score of buildings were lost, only two homes burned on the first day, an amazing score when considering flames were blasting through the community.

It’s because our firefighters here in East Fork can call on our neighbors in an emergency that about 500 firefighters were onscene to see the bright red sun penetrate the smoky pall drifting over the south county.

We are getting back the investment East Fork made by responding to fires throughout the region.

The example of the big fires in Washoe County over the winter shows that whatever the damage sustained in the south county, it could be much worse.

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It may be still.

But knowing we can call on support from surrounding agencies when we need them is comforting.

Our sincere thanks to all of the firefighters who responded to Topaz Ranch Estates and for all their hard work. We know their perseverance is all that stands between our communities and disaster.

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