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Thanks for forum


I see that The Record-Courier and the Good Governance Group are sponsoring a local forum and debate next Tuesday evening that will give the voters a chance to hear from most of the candidates running for office in Douglas County.

I want to publically thank the Good Governance Group and The Record-Courier for giving us this chance to meet these candidates, most of whom don’t have the money to print posters and send out multiple promotional mail pieces to introduce themselves and their plans to the community.

As new residents to Gardnerville, my wife and I have no idea who some of these candidates are, their qualifications, or what they stand for, so this should be an informative evening.

I’m speaking primarily about the School Board and Swimming Pool Board candidates, though hearing from the Commissioner candidates is also important since some are new on the political scene.

Too often, we just don’t know anything about the local/county candidates.

Yet, they have a lot to do with the quality of life we have and the education our children receive in Douglas County. I encourage everyone who values these things to attend this free event next Tuesday evening at the CVIC Hall starting at 6:30 p.m.