Thanks for baking |

Thanks for baking

Terry Capton-Snell
Cookie Walk Chairwoman


On behalf of the Douglas County Historical Society, I would like to thank all the wonderful men and women who took the time to bake cookies or make candy for our fundraiser, “Holiday Gala,” which was held on Dec. 1.

We realize that many people are hurting from the economy, yet they opened up their hearts and still took the time to bake. This year we had more than enough cookies and candy contributed to make the cookie walk successful and we thank you, each and every one.

At opening time on Saturday, we had 25 people waiting in line to make purchases. This “Gala” has become a family affair. What a wonderful Christmas spirit.

Our hats are off to all the volunteers who worked to make the event possible and to our Carson Valley residents who came to visit us. We are fortunate to live here in the Carson Valley.

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