Thanks for a great rescue |

Thanks for a great rescue

Kathie Jarboe


On Dec. 22 my husband Jeff and his best buddy Peter Knight set out to hike our short hair dogs as they did every Saturday. Anyone who knows these guys would appreciate they are always prepared with survival gear, a phone, water and food. They are also in great shape.

That snowy Saturday was when Jeff’s luck ran out. Around 8:40 a.m. I received a call from Jeff saying he had slipped and thought he’d broken his ankle. The bad news was it was snowing, and they were on top of the mountain range between Topaz Lake and Highway 208. The next call from Peter was to tell me they had called David Lundergreen for help.

As I understand the story, when David arrived he had determined the hikers’ location and weather conditions warranted a call to 911 and Search and Rescue. Some four hours later, with the help of Vic Wilson and his Jeep, Topaz Volunteer Fire Department, Douglas County Search and Rescue, Mono County and Douglas County Paramedics, Jeff, and Pete, and our two dogs were off the hill and on their way.

I met Jeff at Carson Valley Medical Center where they determined he had five broken bones in his ankle. Since that very scary Saturday, we have had a steady stream of support. Scott Stephenson; Chris, Nicollette and Cody Begovich along with Coco Puff; David Lundergreen; and Jeff’s best buddy Peter Knight and his wife Mendy have been at our side daily. Bandage changes, prescription fills, Christmas lights, boy chores and two surgeries later, hunting season won’t happen for Jeff. Thank you so very much to everyone involved for relentless care and friendship. The message is of sincere gratitude, and always set out with a friend and a fully charged cell phone. Most gracious thanks.

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