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Teacher cuts will affect all of us

Douglas County’s band supporters sounded a clarion call this week as news spread that band director Bill Zabelsky was on the list of teachers notified their jobs might change significantly next year, if they exist at all.

Zabelsky is not shy about letting people know when he feels the band program is threatened, but he was only one of a score of teachers who received reduction in force notices.

We know that school board members are in for a full court press from the band parents, but we also know that there are a lot of different programs that will be affected by the cuts.

Should the district get concessions from the teachers union, some of those jobs might be preserved, but all that information is so secret and sensitive that even discussing the number of teachers who received notices might be construed as trying to intimidate the union.

That uncertainty doesn’t help. We have lost good teachers, who rather than subject themselves to this particular game of employment roulette, have moved to more stable climes.

The loss of those teachers is more than an issue for the schools. The school district is one of the largest employers in a county that’s racked by one of the highest unemployment rates in the country. Teachers who live here pay taxes here, purchase goods here and support local causes. Their pay helps support our economy when that support is sorely needed.

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