Tax system shell game |

Tax system shell game

Chris Weatherbee


So, while I didn’t watch the debate, I have seen the “$5 Trillion this” and the “I will cut taxes, while he will raise taxes” ad nauseum, to the point that I want to shoot my television. The reality is, neither candidate will change the tax code to the point that it will affect the average American.

Our tax system is a shell game played with smoke and mirrors, and we are the marks. It favors the rich and the corporations, while we at the bottom are left to try and survive.

Wouldn’t it be refreshing if a candidate stood in front of the camera, and in front of the whole country said, “I support the Fair Tax Initiative, and I will spend the next four years doing everything I can to see that it is passed, and also that Congress passes a Constitutional Amendment to repeal the 16th Amendment, thereby abolishing the IRS?” But that will never happen because money equals power, and politicians would never give that up. Oh, wait. There is a candidate who is saying that, and his name is Gary Johnson, but the duocracy we call the the two-party system won’t let him be heard. Good job people. Keep voting for the same scheme.

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