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Supports Fazzino

Elaine M. Smith


I am voting for Wayne Fazzino for East Fork Township Justice of the Peace. Here is why. He is a focused listener. He gathers and weighs information objectively. He makes fair decisions based upon the facts. He is God loving and God fearing so that his judging would be both responsible and reasonable. He has a wealth of experience to bring to this position based on his career in law enforcement. He is a great neighbor. He has a leadership role in his church and is an exemplary father and grandfather. Most of all, if you have had the privilege of meeting him as he has bicycled around neighborhoods meeting folks and answering questions, he is just one great guy. The current East Fork Justice was appointed by the commission when the last justice resigned. I believe that because he was an attorney he was picked from the list of those who applied. This position does not require an attorney. The appointed Justice must now come before us the voters for election. In this race, I am choosing Wayne Fazzino. Please when he bicycles to your house, welcome him with your questions and support.

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