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Supporting Robin Reedy


I am so pleased that Robin Reedy is running for Assembly District 39 in Douglas County where I live. I've known Robin for over 25 years. Her work ethic, logical and thoughtful decision making and commitment to openness and listening make her a superb candidate.

A long-time Douglas County resident, Robin is the most qualified candidate to represent the people of Douglas County. She has the wisdom and judgment as well as years of work and volunteer experience that will equip her to make the tough decisions.

In a variety of positions, Robin has constantly sought creative solutions. She listens to all sides and makes her decisions based on the best interests of the entire constituency, not only as an echo chamber of like-minded folks. She understands that she represents everyone in the district as well as the people of the entire state.

Robin has an accounting degree and background that allowed her to serve us for over nine years in the Nevada Treasurer's Office eventually serving as Chief Deputy Treasurer. She has also served with the Department of Business and Industry and understands the necessity and requirements of bringing businesses to Nevada. In each of these positions, she earned the respect of those with whom she worked and the citizens she served.

At a time when the GOP brand has suffered mightily, Robin is a breath of fresh air. She has my full support and I highly recommend that you consider supporting her too.

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