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Supporting Doug Johnson

Lynn Muzzy


I’ve had the belated opportunity to discuss GGG’s Douglas County commissioner candidate forum at CVIC hall on Oct. 16 with my fellow observers.

We noticed that when Frank Godecke, candidate for County Commissioner District 3, responded to questions, he invariably referenced answers already given by Doug Johnson and Barry Penzel or said he needed more information on that topic.

At the last Commissioners’ meeting, Mr. Godecke gave a statement from a printed text during public opinion, with which he seemed unfamiliar. Mr. Godecke also stated that he would do his best to fulfill the duties of a Commissioner, if elected, but it would be difficult during hay season.

It has been my honor to become recently acquainted with Mr. Godecke. I salute the hard work, industriousness, and respect he pays to his heritage as a steward of his family agricultural concerns. However, when it comes to the skills and abilities needed for the job of county commissioner, it’s clear that Mr. Godecke is in over his head.

Further, if Mr. Godecke won, the county would be losing Doug Johnson’s years of relationship-building and influence with the state legislature.

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No matter who wins the election nationally, it will be a while before Nevada climbs out of the fiscal pit. The legislature will be under great fiscal pressure to attempt to pass along unfunded mandates to county governments, a political minefield Mr. Johnson has proved adroit at navigating.

Doug Johnson has been an honest broker for the tax and fee payers of Douglas County who has demonstrated a high degree of competency in dealing with the complex issues and rapidly changing circumstances encountered in our county’s governance.

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