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Strange position

Walter M. Nowosad


This is in reply to Paula Corley’s letter in the October 10 issue of The R-C.

One must wonder why a person of your stature in the community would bring into question the beliefs of a candidate who shares the same political views as you.

In your letter to the editor published in the October 10 edition of the Record Courier you questioned how Jim Wheeler would conduct business when elected to the Assembly District 39 seat; using your words, “follow Nevada state ideas, philosophies, and guidelines” or “follow your Libertarian views and belief as a Ron Paul supporter.”

It seems a strange position to take because Jim Wheeler has been a Republican since he was old enough to vote. It seems especially strange since both you and Jim are in the same precinct, attended the same Nevada Caucus, and even stranger since at that same caucus, both you and Jim stood and spoke in favor of the candidacy of Newt Gingrich for president.

Given your first-hand observation of Jim Wheeler at the caucus and your common affirmations of Mitt Romney one must ask two questions: first where did you get the fallacious information regarding the Ron Paul support and secondly, what would motivate you to make a public statement questioning where Jim Wheeler’s loyalties lie knowing full well that Jim is not a Ron Paul supporter?

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Jim has stated that he will take calls from the voters now and from his constituents when in office. If you or anyone has questions concerning his positions, perhaps giving him a personal call would be the proper course of action. Give it a go at 775-546-3471.

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