Some questions in the Dresser case |

Some questions in the Dresser case


I am Arthur Millard, and I moved from Mustang, Okla., to Minden in August 2013 to be close to my daughter whose mother passed away in February 1990.

This letter is about the shooting involving Mr. William Dresser.

After the accident was he the only caregiver for his wife?

Let's look at his mental state the day of the shooting. Was he getting the sleep he needed? Did he have help during the two weeks leading up to the shooting? Was he blaming himself for his wife's pain? Did he listen to her for the two weeks begging him to do something? Did William develop a sleep deficiency similar to post traumatic stress disorder?

The state of Nevada may have to think outside of the box.

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Will it do any good to keep him in custody? He's in his own prison?

Being locked up he will suffer financially while his mental and physical health will deteriorate.

He could be released with an electronic monitoring and remain in custody of the family.

With a 4-10 year sentence, at 88, William is unlikely to survive prison.

Even if he would, he will be financially ruined, possibly losing his home, become a ward of the state and lose his quality of life both mentally and physically.

Bottom line: It may have been murder, but what about his mental state? Was his mind turned to mush leading up to the shooting by sleep deficiency, PTSD and a wife wanting him to do something about the pain?

Is he a flight risk at 88, or could he be placed in outside monitored custody?

Arthur Millard


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