Sixth annual Green Living Festival comes to Lampe Park |

Sixth annual Green Living Festival comes to Lampe Park

by Caryn Haller

Shannon Litz file photosNine-year-old Sterling Atlan peddles the blender bike to make a raspberry apple juice smoothie while 5-year-old Jullian Sterling and Laurel Dority watch during the 2011 Green Living Festival at Lampe Park.

Growing up, Katherine Winans’ father taught her the importance of conserving water, recycling and growing her own food.

Winans is sharing her knowledge by serving as exhibit coordinator for the Green Living Festival happening 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sept. 15 in Lampe Park.

“It’s the right thing to do. If I can make my corner of the world a better place, then that’s where I have to start. In my own backyard,” Winans said. “We want Carson Valley and the local communities to know there are resources available to help them live in a sustainable way.”

Sponsored by the Sustainable Living and Renewable Energy Roundup, the free event features presentations on gardening, geothermal systems, star gazing, and wine making. Dr. Solar and his Good Time Sunshine Traveling Medicine Show will be back, as well as Full Circle Compost’s Greatest Tomato Tasting in Nevada.

Author Mat Stein will be speaking on “Making Shift Happen: Transforming Collapse into Global Renaissance” and “Party Like It’s 1929.”

“He’s going to talk about how we need to rethink how we think about things,” Winans said. “He includes energy and food production, the whole sustainability issue.”

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In the Discovery Center, children’s activities include the bicycle blender, cookie baking in a solar oven, a giant inflatable Lahonton cutthroat trout and an enviroscape model of the Carson Valley watershed.

Or, visitors can follow the trail and read every historical marker in Nevada without even leaving the park.

“Our take on it is that people are really interested in learning about this stuff. Our exhibitors say the people who come visit their booths are really interested in what they are exhibiting,” Winans said. “It’s for families that need to know how to save some money, and people who want to do their small part in making this a better place to live.”

Organizers are still accepting commercial exhibitors, nonprofits and food vendors. Applications are available online at or contact Katherine Winans at or 267-0539.

Presentation Schedule

10 a.m.

Tent 1 – Well and septic system maintenance. Learn how periodic maintenance to your well and septic systems can keep them in good working order, save you money over time, and protect our water quality.

Tent 2 – Five easy ways to maximize your thumb’s greenness. Could you improve your ability to make plants grow and be happy? Hear from the “Master-O-Greenness” Craig Witt himself as he describes the five essentials of being a success in the garden.

11 a.m.

Tent 1- Party like it’s 1929. Learn a variety of skills, materials and preparations, as our grandparents did to help weather the storms of changing times. It can bring great peace of mind to know that one has planned and prepared for a variety of scenarios.

Tent 2 – Geothermal heat pump systems: The propane alternative. Learn how the consistent temperatures just below ground can be used to make your central heating and cooling systems much more efficient.


Center of the festival – Dr. Solar’s Eco-Themed Interactive P.T. Barnum-like Show. An eco-friendly portable traveling family entertainment experience solar powered gypsy wagon affair.

Tent 1

Homemade wine making. Watch how easy it is to make wine, adjust the wine to your taste, recycle bottles, and the basic equipment and methods for making the nectar of the Gods – wine.


Tent 1- Using hoop houses, low tunnels and row covers to grow super foods for healthy lifestyles. Extend your growing season and select foods to grow that extend your life, all-in-one presentation.

Tent 2 – Convert to zero energy. Learn how to create a tighter working and living shell, upgrade your HVAC system, and ultimately reduce your utility bill by 80 percent or more.

2 p.m.

Tent 1- Making shift happen: Transforming collapse into global renaissance. Get inspired by what we can do to unite and change the way we do business, thereby creating a world dedicated to the path of sustainability and Earth rejuvenation.

Tent 2 – Introduction to bee keeping. Can you feel the buzz? Learn about hive maintenance, basic equipment needed, and the benefits of having bees in your yard.

3 p.m.

Tent 1 – Beyond the electric car: How you can be part of the emerging energy revolution. Find out how you, your neighbors, farmers, small businesses, and co-ops will be able sell energy to the utilities at a profit. Discover how buildings, plug-in vehicles, and the grid complement one another.

Tent 2 – Elements of star gazing. Learn which telescopes work best, how to prepare for a night of star observations, and discuss the variety of objects one might see on a clear Nevada evening.

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