Shirking on The Ranch |

Shirking on The Ranch

Sanford E. Deyo


I feel the county commissioners have shirked their duties in regard to the Ranch at Gardnerville. Rather than resolving some of the problems, they are passing the buck to future commissioners.

The paving (roads, sidewalks, driveways and homes) of the project will result in the water from rains and snowmelts draining into the slough area at a faster rate and increase the probability of flooding. This will impact down-stream structures and environments as well as the immediate project area.

The financing required for the upgrading of Zerolene needs to be addressed now, not 10 or 15 years from now.

Zerolene does not connect directly to Highway 395; it becomes 1st Street which connects to Highway 395. First Street and Highway 395 cross each other at the same point that Mono Avenue joins Highway 395; thus you have a five point, or star, intersection. I feel NDOT should be contacted to determine what they might require as the design at this intersection and the projected cost. They should certainly be informed of the additional traffic due to the project. Let’s face it, if Zerolene is improved it will be used.

Any bridge on, or improvement to, Zerolene is a direct result of the Ranch at Gardnerville project.

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The costs and any sharing should be determined now, not later.

If the County plans on absorbing some of the costs, they need to determine the projected amount now. This needs to be done so both the County and the developer will have an idea of the funds they need to start to collect.

If the developer is to pay for all of them he has to know it now so he can assess his costs and adjust his selling prices now, not five or ten years from now when he may have sold a lot of units. He may want to create a homeowner type organization to collect the funds to cover the costs through monthly payments. He might even decide to drop the project.

The county needs to establish something like a general improvement district for the project so they can start collecting funds to cover their share of the costs.

The developer needs to know what his projected costs are going to be now, not when he may be half way through with the development. If at that time he decides he cannot afford the bridge or improvement he may decide to claim a hardship and drop the project.

What will be the county’s position at that time?

Will they have to undertake the costs of the improvements to Zerolene?

I feel the current commissioners have tried to distance themselves from any problems about the possible future of the Ranch project rather than working to resolve the issues.

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