Sewer rates rising too fast |

Sewer rates rising too fast


I think the county commissioners should reject and modify the proposed changes to the monthly water rates and sewer rates for the Sewer Utility Fund.

I have found that everything across the board on my utilities bill will have a rate increase of 3.25 percent every single year for five years. This is very high when you consider over the five year period the annual rate increases total over 17 percent compared to the current rates.

This is unfair and inconceivable when Social security recipients only received an increase of 1.5 percent in 2014. "The latest annual inflation rate for the United States is 1.5 percent through the 12 months ended March 2014, as published by the US Government on April 15, 2014. Let's face the truth, most residents of Douglas County probably haven't received much in the way of raises whether from a job or from a pension in the last several years. "We are still in a very slow recovery" to quote Janet Yellen of the Federal Reserve in the news recently.

I believed it would be practical to change the proposed rates to something more reasonable, say 1.5 percent or even 2 percent if necessary. Wouldn't it be practical to change the proposed rates to something we can all live with?

Peggy Parola

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