Ruhenstroth announces light winners |

Ruhenstroth announces light winners

by Karen Brier

Jim GrantHowie Althouse presents a plaque to homeowner Lisa Prosser for her holiday lights display.

It was such fun driving around and looking at all the lights. Almost everyone has added some merry and bright to our neighborhood, making it difficult to pick a winner. I was lucky to have four excellent judges: 9 year-old Gatlin Beronio and his sister, 7 year-old Hunter were joined by Colby Booth and my son, Jacob, who are both 10.

The winning home was Dave and Lisa Prosser at 701 Pinto. Hunter really loved how warm and fuzzy the house made her feel and asks her parents to drive out of their way to see it every night. All three boys agreed that they loved how it was decorated “everywhere” from the roof to the grass, with no corner left untouched by their “amazing skills”.

Other homes touched our hearts this year: 1971 Pinto created a pond with waterfall, complete with animals drinking from the lovely blue and green water. And it doesn’t take much to touch a child’s heart – my son loved the simple row of lovely blue icicle lights at 648 Rocking Horse Lane, and I loved how they made his eyes shine. The Beard’s home on Mule Lane was an extravaganza of lights – but as they won last year, they have to wait another year to try for a new plaque. The judges were also impressed by the house on the corner of Wiseman and Highway 395.

Many thanks to Howie Althouse for continuing the tradition of making the winning plaque, to Wendy Booth and Denise and David Beronio for driving around the judges, and to everyone who brought such dazzling color and light into our lives this season.

As we were walking back Monday night, admiring our own simple string of lights around the porch, Jacob looked up at the stars and commented that those were the best Christmas lights of all.

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