Romney’s tax return |

Romney’s tax return

Rosamond Moranville


Regarding Gov. Romney’s 2011 tax return, and John O’Neill’s letter on Sept. 28:

I am so tired of ignorant people who don’t understand 13 percent tax is the second bite out of income.

“Tax 101” says the first is the 40-45 percent tax taken out of income. Then when people invest what is left, they pay another 13 percent, as stated by law on those investments.

Who do you think hires and pays employees, the poor? And just how much should a very productive person be required to pay in taxes? The people who most likely work 80 and 90 hours a week. What would satisfy those who are “taking?” What and how much would the government be satisfied with before the Golden Goose stops laying eggs?

Where, I ask, would all the taxes come from that fund the government if not from industrious and entrepreneurial Romney’s of this country? I believe that Romney’s statement was that he actually had more deductions he could have used but did not claim them. Yes, giving the government more than he owed. Romney is not a dishonest man, which is more than I can say for the sitting president.

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