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Right to free speech


I'm really enjoying watching the L.A. Clipper's owner being tried in the media. It really reflects how far we've drifted from the goals set forth by our founding fathers. If it's true that his offensive statements were made in the privacy of a home, what does that say about our right to free speech.

Our right to free speech only means something if we are allowed to be offended by someone who thinks differently than we do. Who by the way, recorded the offensive remarks? Was it the former girlfriend who might have her own agenda such as being the next Kardashian? I guess we'll have to wait until CNN tells us what the truth is.

Personally, I am offended by almost everything President Barack Hussein Obama says, and also the statements made by our esteemed Senior Senator Harry Reid. According to Obama, Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer and others, I am a domestic terrorist because I don't think the way they think, or believe what they believe.

I understand how we've slipped from a country where we try people in courts of law to a country where we decide innocence and guilt by viewing a television screen.

Just look at how our esteemed president decides which laws he likes and will enforce and which laws he doesn't like and refuses to enforce. He's the one fundamentally transforming us from a nation of laws to that of a third-world banana republic ruled by a despot.

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