Remember when for May 23 |

Remember when for May 23

120 years ago

May 27, 1892

Fred Berning had a narrow escape from death one morning this week while taking milk to the creamery. The bolt that held the wagon tongue dropped out, letting the tongue down. The horses ran away, upsetting the milk cans from the wagon and dragging Berning for some distance before they could be stopped.

95 years ago

May 25, 1917

The Famous Players have given the Grimm fairy tale a colorful and pretty setting and with Marguerite Clark in the role that proved her most successful on the speaking stage. The portrayal is delightful and the public, doubtless welcoming the opportunity to see her as Snow White, can only consider the outlay and time and entrance fee well rewarded.

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80 years ago

May 20, 1932

All of the major gasoline companies are out with what they term as a brand new gasoline. The Ritchfield company is marketing what is known as Hi-Octane, the Union has “76” the Standard an improved Ethyl, while the Shell company has a new brand known as “Three In One.” And what that new gasoline won’t do is not worth mentioning.

50 years ago

May 24, 1962

It is extremely important that older persons, as well as younger persons, take the Sabin Oral Polio Vaccine, says Dr. T.V. Ross, chairman of the Carson Valley portion of the Nevada “K.O. Polio” drive. Older persons are apt to feel they do not need the vaccine, but they should take it, not only to protect themselves but to protect their families and friends.

25 years ago

May 28, 1987

Suicide, the second highest cause of death in young people, can be prevented in most cases, but people confronted with the crisis generally don’t know what to do. Hoping to learn what to do, some 50 parents, teachers and health professionals attended a suicide prevention workshop last week sponsored by the Douglas County Mental Health Center advisory board.

10 years ago

May 18, 2002

With the first movie released 25 years ago, it’s hard to imagine any other film series that seems as timeless as Star Wars. Timeless because, of the 20 or so people who lined up early outside the Ironwood Stadium Cinema 8 to buy tickets to the Thursday midnight showing of the much-anticipated film, most were teenagers. Timeless because each movie is about good and evil. Timeless because parents who saw the first movie as youngsters, are now taking their own children to see the film.

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