Remember When for Jan. 30 |

Remember When for Jan. 30

120 years ago

February 3, 1893

The roads are as bad as they can possibly get. The Wellington stage has not gotten in for two days. The Markleeville stage is making trips, though they claim the roads are in very bad condition.

95 years ago

February 1, 1918

Beginning February 4th all German alien subjects in this country will be required to register and in towns or communities of less than 5,000 inhabitants, the registration will be done at the post offices. The regulations which were received from the attorney-general of the United States are as follows: “All natives, citizens, denizens of subjects of the German Empire or of the imperial German government, being males of the age of fourteen years and upward, who are within the United States and not actually naturalized as American citizens, are required to register as alien enemies.”

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80 years ago

February 3, 1933

That an ancient crater on the side of Mt. Shoshone, five miles south of Ione throws forth smoke whenever earthquake shocks are felt in Nevada, is the declaration of L. V. Cirac who says that this activity has been attested to by a number of persons over the period on many years.

50 years ago

January 24, 1963

The new Centerville bridge, under construction for approximately three and one-half months, was opened to traffic Friday, to the great delight of Valley residents who lived on the west side of the bridge, and who have had to go the long way around to get to Minden and Gardnerville.

25 years ago

February 4, 1988

As members and guests of the Carson Valley Historical Society toured the old Douglas County High School in Gardnerville last week, President Glenn Logan was heartened to hear offers of support for restoring the historic building.

10 years ago

January 29, 2003

Although a Gardnerville arsonist will have to serve another six months in jail, the judge lessened his charge so he could pursue a military career. A condition of probation, Gamble ordered Hook to serve nine months in jail, with credit for time served.

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