Remember When for Jan. 23 |

Remember When for Jan. 23

120 years agoJanuary 27, 1893Henry Berning, son of Fred Berning of the East Fork, had his arm badly injured a few days ago in a runaway near the Central school house. Henry was thrown out of the wagon and dragged for some distance under the same. He was attended by Dr. Cook.95 years agoJanuary 25, 1918Slowly but surely the drag-net set to catch those who are attempting to evade the military draft law, is hauling in the deserters. Several men who registered in this county but who disappeared before the draft law was put into effect, have been located. Among them are Antonio Meniencci, who has been taken by the officers at Los Palos, Merced Co.80 years agoJanuary 27, 1933Starting for her home in Antelope Valley Tuesday afternoon during the blizzard that held this section in its grip, a light automobile driven by Mrs. Ed. Lampe that stalled in the snow at Cedar Flat, ten miles south of Gardnerville. Fearing to leave the car to walk to the Ruhenstroth ranch, three miles distant, Mrs. Lampe remained in the car hoping against hope that someone would pass her way. Fred Dressler and George Koenig, fighting their way from Smith Valley in an automobile late in the afternoon, noticed the stalled car.25 years agoJanuary 28, 1988What’s it like to stand on top of a 50-foot 10 1/2-inch snowman? I don’t know, because I only made it belly-button high — about 30 feet — and that was scary enough! So was the construction of the five-story snowman, say its creators. “The guy who does this kind of stuff in Calgary (Canada, for the Olympics) told us that it was impossible, that we didn’t know how to do it,” said Pete Sprock, one of the owners of Sierra Ski Ranch.10 years agoJanuary 22, 2003If Gov. Kenny Guinn’s proposed tax increases pass through the state Legislature, it could be devastating to Carson Valley small businesses. The Republican governor, in his “state of the state” address to the Nevada Legislature Monday evening, outlined a budget for the next two fiscal years that, with his tax plan added in, hits a record $4.89 billion. A look back at past editions of The Record-Courier by R-C intern Carson Costa.

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