Remember When for Dec. 19 |

Remember When for Dec. 19

120 years ago

December 23, 1892

A Sunday school was organized in Gardnerville this week with Mrs. H. C. Dangberg as superintendent; Mrs. Chas. Rickey, assistant superintendent and Miss Ida Pettegrew secretary.

95 years ago

December 21, 1917

Fred Dressler, one of the early pioneer settlers of Carson Valley, died at his home in Haywards, Cal., on December 8th at the advance age of 87 years. He had been in poor health for the past several months and his death was not a surprise of his family. Deceased is survived by his wife, three daughters, Mrs. E. L. Wyatt, Mrs. La Grave and Mrs. Henry Beck, and three sons, William F. Dressler, F. W. Dressler and A. Dressler.

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80 years ago

December 23, 1932

Tuesday night at 10:12 Carson Valley was rocked by one of the heaviest earthquakes in 40 years and continued for fully 50 seconds. The disturbance was from southeast to northwest and was sufficiently violent to rattle dishes in closets, stop clocks and make buildings creak. When the earth began to tremble and violence increase, many people became alarmed and started to leave dwellings. They report that they found difficulty in keeping to their feet and reeled as though drunk.

50 years ago

December 20, 1962

The Douglas County Ski Club is sponsoring a New Year’s Eve dance featuring the live music of “The Wailers,” a five-man band from Reno, it was announced this week. Food and noisemakers will be available at the dance, which will be held at the CVIC Hall in Minden, beginning at 9 p.m.

25 years ago

December 24, 1987

Twenty-month-old Stephen Edmonds, who spent 24 minutes submerged in below-freezing water earlier this week, will “definitely survive this ordeal,” his doctors said yesterday. “I’m just thankful that he is going to live,” his mother, Deborah Edmonds, said. “That’s enough for me.”

10 years ago

December 21, 2002

Susan and Steve Stratton add a unique spin to the holidays each year as they greet passerbys dressed as bear versions of Santa and Mrs. Claus bears in front of their Minden home. This year, they’ve added the Grinch to the menagerie.

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