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Register and then vote


The last page of the April 18 edition of The Record-Courier listed the multiple candidates running for various offices in the state and locally and served as a reminder that primary elections are just as important, if not more so, than this year's general election. Regardless of your party or political affiliation, you will find options to choose candidates for important elected positions. If you do not vote in the primary election, you are simply allowing someone else to make your choices for you. Since primaries usually have a low voter turnout, only a few people make the choice.

The county clerk's office makes it very easy to vote in our elections. There are a number of early voting days where there is virtually no waiting line and you are in and out of the voting booth in usually less than 10 minutes. Even easier, you can apply and receive an absentee ballot which you simply fill out at home and mail it back to the clerk's office. Of course, if you like the company, you can vote on the primary election day which this year is June 10.

If you are registered to vote, you will be receiving a sample ballot in the mail prior to early voting which begins on May 24 and ends on June 6. If you are not registered to vote, and meet the eligibility requirements, it is again an easy matter to become registered by simply stopping by the county clerk's office and filling out a voter registration form which takes less than 10 minutes. The last day to register for this year's primary is May 20. If you want to change your current registration, the deadline is May 10.

So don't be apathetic and let others choose for you. Exercise your right, privilege, and duty as an American citizen — Vote.

James Baushke

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