Reedy best for Assembly |

Reedy best for Assembly


This is in response to Lynn Muzzy's letter to the editor dated Jan. 24 in The Record-Courier. Apart from the obvious (that this man is a regular at writing letters for the Wheeler campaign) it seems that he is more anarchist than Republican. He has condemned the current governor time after time, but beyond that he is espousing old white man rules as if that is representative of Republicans at large.

I'm a Republican, I vote in every election and I refuse to believe that racist, misogynistic principles guide the GOP. Calling Robin Reedy, who I have known since the first day she moved to Nevada, "a perfectly lovely person" is dismissive of the incredibly impressive resume this woman has and the impressive work she has accomplished for Nevada and for the Republican Party. It's time for an educated, accomplished and effective woman to represent me.

Darnell Leegard


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