Plans for center hopeful, tenuous |

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Plans for center hopeful, tenuous

We hope that the timing of the publication of conceptual plans for the new senior and community center on April 1 wasn’t lost on our readers.

While we certainly believe that the center will look somewhat like those likenesses published in The Record-Courier, there are no guarantees.

Because the county is using a design-build process, there likely will be some alterations between now and when project bids are opened.

That said, we’re pretty pleased by what we’ve seen so far, and imagine ourselves enjoying our silver years playing basketball on the courts, walking on the track on a snowy day or even just enjoying a hot lunch with our friends.

And that the center is not limited to seniors, or dominated by younger folks, we see it as a place for generations to mix, and perhaps benefit.

As Community Services Director Scott Morgan said, there are a lot of retirees in Douglas County, and the center could be a place for them to find useful and creative ways to occupy their time.

We know getting this center built has been a priority for the county and for many residents for a long time.

That it looks ready to step forward into reality gives us real hope for the future of our community.