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Pierini best for sheriff


I started volunteering at the sheriff's office approximately three years ago. Mostly, it was in response to my having to call upon the sheriff's office services on a few occasions. Their quick and efficient response to my needs was incredible. I could not have wished for better results. That prompted me to attend the senior law academy to further educate myself about the workings of our laws, the sheriff's office and personnel.

I was aware the deputies have a lot of territory to cover in Douglas County and a trim force to perform all the duties necessary to keep our residents safe. I had no idea all the services available to our residents or of the many prevention programs the department is involved in. Once I completed the academy, I certainly had even more respect for our law enforcement people and their leader.

Sheriff Ron Pierini has implemented many programs during his terms and has made sure the department stayed within their budget, which is small for what they must perform. With the help of volunteer programs and private donations, Sheriff Pierini has been able to keep our community and his department an exemplary one. It operates like a well-oiled machine. Employees wear many hats. That leadership takes a special person with excellent skills, talent and experience. From everything I can see, our local law enforcement personnel is a happy group who works extremely hard to keep our community safe. Sheriff Pierini is a proactive person who works to prevent crime through many programs involving schools and citizen groups.

He is a capable person who surrounds himself with a capable work force including our Undersheriff Paul Howell. I was happy to see Mr. Souligny mention the upcoming election is for sheriff only and that we will not be electing a "team."

It would appear Mr. Brady doesn't feel comfortable campaigning alone. Hopefully he will educate himself as to the hiring process for an undersheriff, if the time comes. Though he served on the board of commissioners at one point, his knowledge of the Douglas County law enforcement community seems to be lacking, including the qualifications to serve as sheriff for Douglas County.

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We have a good sheriff who works hard for all of us. He wishes to continue as our sheriff and has proven he is quite capable, willing, accessible and qualified. I am of the frame of mind that if something isn't broken, don't fix it. I hope others will also see the advantage of retaining our present sheriff when it comes election time.

Beverly Giannopulos


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