Pegram making a difference |

Pegram making a difference


The students of ASPIRE Academy High School, would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank Mr. Mike Pegram, owner of the Carson Valley Inn, for his generous donation to our school. We make an effort at our school to focus on integrity and he is a true example we can look up to. We believe integrity is about doing the right thing, for the right reasons when no one else is looking. This is exactly what Mr. Pegram did for us. He learned that we were going to lose our school site and with humility, he offered to help us financially, asking for nothing in return. And for this we would like to sincerely thank him for his kindness and generosity. His effort will not go in vain. Because of his donation, we are able to move to a new campus. As students we will honor him, by pursuing integrity, responsibility and education. Thank you. Mr. Pegram!

Sincerely, The Students of ASPIRE Academy High School.

Michelle Trujillo


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