Open letter to the President |

Open letter to the President


It’s time you stop using Air Force One as your private limo. Even the limos you ride in are not your limos, they belong to the taxpayers of the United States for the use of the president.

Today, you spent $1,600,000 of our tax dollars to fly to Las Vegas to give a speech that even your supporters asked you not to do in case you kill the immigration proposal made by eight senators yesterday. You could have spoken from the Oval Office without spending a dime or gallon of gas.

According to the London Daily Mail, you and your family have cost us $1.4 billion per year flying around the globe, 40 times as much as they spend for the entire royal family. So far that’s $5.6 billion dollars for travel.

We’re in bankruptcy, and you’re on a spending spree. Think what $5-10 billion would buy for our country? Safety in our embassies? Hospitals for our veterans? You name it.

Shame on you. Quit campaigning.

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